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Lets Talk about Breastfeeding…..

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Let’s talk about breastfeeding…..

There seems to a common misconception out there at the moment that every new mother is going to need a breast pump if they decide to breastfeed. Many expectant mothers are purchasing these before their baby is born with the plan that they are going to need them? Don’t get me wrong breast pumps are fantastic for expressing breast milk for times when you are going to be away from your baby or so your partner can feed the baby, but I have heard that some are being purchased with the belief that they are going to have issues with their milk supply. I understand that some mothers may require a pump to help boost milk supply, but there will be a lot that don’t, and feeling as though a breast pump is a necessary piece of kit can cause extra stress and pressure for a new mum. In fact “pumping” can end up causing more problems with supply when it’s used unnecessarily or incorrectly.

Breastfeeding can come with its own set of challenges but a lot of these challenges can be alleviated with support from your midwife, a lactation consultant or a breastfeeding peer supporter, sometimes all it takes is for someone to take the time to listen and work alongside you to come up with a solution.

When breastfeeding my daughter if I had had the right support and someone to listen I believe I would have breastfed for longer and the experience would have been far more enjoyable in those early days than it was.

If you feel as though you need support, contact one of the many breastfeeding peer supporters in the Queenstown lakes district and central Otago area by visiting www.breastfeedingsos.co.nz

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