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End Of Daylight Saving

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Even though the end of daylight saving means the end of BBQs and light nights, it does mean that your children’s bedrooms are nice and dark at bedtime. However, the flip side of that is their rooms could be lighter in the mornings, so blackout blinds or a grow clock may still be necessary if your child is used to getting up when the sun comes up.

When moving the clocks back an hour it will mean that most babies and younger children’s sleep will be disrupted. Although this probably sounds terrifying for some of you, it really doesn’t need to be.

Once the clocks go back an hour it will mean that a 7 pm bedtime will now be a 6 pm bedtime and possibly at 7 am wake up will become a 6 am.

So if you would like to be proactive get prepared before next weekend.

The below is based on a 7 am – 7 pm routine

Getting organised before the end of Daylight Saving


Normal routine wake up and 1st feed 7am and bedtime 7pm


Move nap times, feed and bedtime to 15 minutes later. So, 1st feed is at 715am instead of 7am.

Bedtime 715pm


Move feeds, naps and bedtime 30 minutes later. So, 1st feed is at 730am instead of 715am.

Bedtime 730pm


Move feeds, naps and bedtime 45 mins later. So, 1st feed is at 745am instead of 730am

Bedtime 745pm


Wake baby at the new time of 7 am, and go back to the normal routine. So, first feed at 7 am.

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